SRCG Goals

The highest priority activity for the SRCG is to promote the adoption of a world-wide ship reporting system. Doing so will enable SRCG Members to develop, test, market, distribute and support products and services that will streamline ship reporting processes and procedures.


IALA has formally added a “Ship Reporting from a Shore-based Perspective” work item to the 2018-2022 Work Plan of its Aids to Navigation Requirements and Management (ARM) Committee. 

Develop Guideline on Maritime Single Window system.

Expected outputs:

  1. Ship Reporting web services portal specifications and governance;
  2. Guideline on ship reporting web services;
  3. Minimum cyber security requirements for transmission of and access to ship report information;

Guidance on migration from current ship reporting system to a harmonised and secure electronic Maritime Single Window system;

This task was assigned to Work Group 2, which, in turn, formed a “Ship Reporting Task Group” (SRTG) for this work item.

The SRTG is in the process of drafting the Guideline. See the latest version here.