SRCG Goals

The highest priority activity for the SRCG is to promote the adoption of a world-wide ship reporting system. Doing so will enable SRCG Members to develop, test, market, distribute and support products and services that will streamline ship reporting processes and procedures.


encourage IALA to set up a Ship Report Registry. IALA already has formally added a “Vessel Shore Reporting” work item to the 2018-2022 Work Plan of its Aids to Navigation Requirements and Management (ARM) Committee. The ARM Committee will meet in Saint Germain en Laye October 22-26, 2018 (“ARM8”). The Committee Chair (Capt. Phillip Day, Director of Operations, Northern Lighthouse Board) has requested that Fred submit an input paper and give a 15-minute presentation to the ARM Committee.

We agreed that it is in the CG’s interest to use this input paper and the associated presentation to explain what we envision IALA’s role to be in the establishment of the Ship Report Registry. Doing so will require that the CG comes to a consensus on:

  • What role we expect IALA to assume
  • The functional requirements of the Ship Report Registry

This collaboration facility is designed to attain such a CG consensus. Please review and comment on the two documents below. 

IALA ARM8 Committee WG2 Presentation

IALA ARM8 Input Paper

Draft of Ship Report Registry Data Dictionary

Please post your comments on these documents here.