Ship Reporting CG Meeting 1

Ship Reporting CG Meeting 1

March 27th, 2018


Meeting Summary



Bergmann Marine, Fred Pot, Secretary

CIRM, Richard Doherty

Fulcrum, Martin Melville

SIRM, Gaetano Volpe and Giulio Cirino

Transas, Dmitry Rostopshin


Please let me know whether I correctly captured the major issues that were discussed during our call.



We formally adopted the Ship Reporting CG Charter.


Governance Structure

We agreed to add:

  • SIRM to the Board of Directors
  • BIMCO to the Board of Directors
  • Upon their request, add organizations that help with funding the CG’s activities.


The currently agreed Governance Structure is can be found here.


Planned Activities and Assignments

We agreed to plan several activities:

  • Administrative Activities are already in process and are assigned to the Secretariat
  • Ship Report Registry Activities will be assigned to the Secretariat and are awaiting funding
  • Cyber Security Activities will need to be further detailed and will be considered at the next call
  • Ship Reporting CMDS Activities have yet to be assigned.


The currently agreed list of Planned Activities can be found here.



We briefly discussed funding the CG’s Planned Activities. We decided that contributions from CG Members could be a source of funding but that such funding will need to be planned for in the CG Members’ budgets.


Fred indicated that STM BALTIC SAFE may be willing to help fund part of the CG’s Planned Activities.


Next Call

During the next call we will discuss:

  1. A Common Cyber Security Environment that acceptable to all CG Members
  2. Funding the CG’s Planned Activities

Fred will contact Frances Baskerville about the possibility of scheduling the next call during the CIRM Conference April 22-27, 2018 and send out a GoToMeeting invitation accordingly.