Ship Reporting Correspondence Group Charter

Overall Objective

Strive for an international regulatory environment that will encourage:

  • Ship owners/operators to improve safety by reducing the ship reporting burden on their bridge teams
  • Shore-based stakeholders to streamline the processes and procedures associated with monitoring maritime traffic for security, safety and the environment

Ship Reporting CG Goals

Establish a regulatory environment that enables industry to offer effective and affordable products and services that address ship reporting needs both for bridge teams and for shore-based stakeholders by establishing:

  1. A comprehensive and publicly accessible on-line Central Repository that lists ship reporting requirements
  2. A common Ship Report Data Model (IMO Compendium)
  3. Encourage the establishment of a common cyber security infrastructure environment that allows:
    • Shore-based authorities to authenticate publishers of ship reports
    • Ship owners/operators to control access to ship reports

Planned Activities

  1. Encourage IMO FAL to assume responsibility for hosting the Central Repository of Ship Reporting Requirements
  2. Encourage Shore-based Stakeholders:
    • To seek international recognition and obtain a secure electronic identity certificate by registering themselves and the reports they require in the Central Repository
    • To publish templates of the Ship Reports they require along with submission requirements in the Central Repository.
  3. Encourage CG Members to develop prototypes of Ship Reporting Products and Services

Core Ship Reporting CG Members

  1. Industry Members
    • Potential vendors of ship reporting products and services
    • Ship Owners/Operators
  1. CIRM

Target Audiences


  • IMO
    • FAL
    • MSC
      • NCSR
  • Port States
    • Shore-based Stakeholders that require ship reports
  • Flag States

Standards Organizations

  • IALA
  • IEC TC80
  • ISO TC8


Technology Developers

  • SMART Navigation Project Partners
    • Maritime Connectivity Platform
  • STM BALTIC SAFE Partners
    • Port Call Message Format (S-2XX)
    • Voyage Information System Data Format (S-421)
  • SESAME 2 Project Partners
    • IMO Compendium