Contribution Agreement

Agreement to contribute to Ship Reporting Correspondence Group Out-Of-Pocket Expenses


This is an agreement between XXXX (XXXX) and BM Bergmann-Marine (BM) where BM acts as Secretariat for the Ship Reporting Correspondence Group (SRCG).


XXXX agrees that the SRCG Secretariat should proceed with striving towards a consensus between SRCG Members on an Input Paper to IALA’s ARM8 Committee that describes the role that SRCG Members would like IALA to assume in the establishment and maintenance of a Ship Report Registry. The SRCG Secretariat should also strive towards a consensus among SRCG Members on the minimum requirements of a Ship Report Registry.


XXXX, as a Member of the SRCG, agrees to contribute US$680 or €560 towards Out-Of-Pocket expenses that the SRCG Secretariat is likely to incur in the process of building a consensus on these aspects of the Ship Reporting Registry as well as the travel expenses associated with presenting the Input paper to the ARM8 Committee in October of 2018 in Saint Germain en Laye and possibly other conferences upon approval by SRCG Members (i.e. IMO, IMO FAL, NCSR, IEC as appropriate).


XXXX agrees to remit its contribution by August 1, 2018 to:


Attention of the “SRCG Secretariat”

BM Bergmann-Marine

Bahnhofstrasse 2a

63538 Grosskrotzenburg