Ship Reporting CG Meeting 5

Ship Reporting CG Meeting 5

October 30th, 2018


Meeting Summary



Bergmann Marine, Fred Pot, Secretary

Fulcrum Marine, Martin Melville and Phil Queripel

Navtor, Johan Stensaker

Wärtsilä, Mikhail Andrianov,



Summary of the IALA ARM8 Committee Meeting

The reason to participate in the ARM Meeting was to invite IALA to assume responsibility to develop and operate the Ship Report Registry. This was largely successful, but it became clear that it will take about 1.5 years for IALA to do so and that we may need to accelerate the project by:


  1. Developing a Ship Report Registry Testbed including data models for the Registry and for Ship Reports

It is proposed that we ask Bergmann Marine to find opportunities for an EU funded research project (75% EU funding). The project should aim to gain partners from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway or others eligible to join EU funded projects. We would invite SRCG Members, major EU ports and shipping lines to join as Project Partners. Another option to be evaluated would be to interest Korea to participate funding such a test bed.


  1. Developing a business plan to cover operating costs of the Ship Report Registry

One possible business model would be to require users of the registry to pay a modest subscription fee (US$50 per ship per year?). Other options could be evaluated.

Required would be to define possible legal and organizational options for this, e.g. who is operating this, under which legal form e.t.c.


Meeting Particulars

The meeting was held in Saint Germain en Laye October 22-26. There were 64 delegates from 28 countries.

Work Group 2, Chaired by Dave Lewald, USCG, was assigned the ship reporting related tasks:

Develop Guideline on ship reporting from the shore‐side perspective, specifically:

  1. Ship Report Template Registry specifications and governance;
  2. Guideline on ship reporting tools;
  3. Minimum cyber security requirements for sharing ship report information;
  4. Guidance on migration from current ship reporting system to a harmonised and secure electronic system;


Highlights of the WG Meeting

10.11 Develop Guideline on ship reporting from the shoreside perspective (Task 5.2.2)

Fred Pot gave a presentation on standardised and automated ship reporting and how such reporting systems can reduce the administrative burden on the bridge team. Ship reports are not harmonised and ship crews spend a lot of time completing reports at a time which is important for the safe navigation of the vessel. Mr Pot proposed that IALA should develop and maintain a register of ship report templates. Concerns were raised on who would do the work, what the infrastructure would be and how that would work. Work on this matter will commence at ARM9.


Discussion around what this should entail revealed that IEC 63173/S-421 on route exchange should be considered.


Fred Pot volunteered to lead this work. He also agreed that he will present on this in the rapporteur section of ARM9 as discussed in the plenary session. Volunteers for a task group (TG), coordinated by Fred Pot, were Minsu Jeon (IALA), Jens Schröder-Fürstenberg (Germany) and Dave Lewald (USA). Members of the Committee are invited to participate in this TG. Work in this item will commence at ARM9 (during which the task will be assessed) through to ARM11.


(After the meeting Jon Leon Ervik and Jarle Hauge of the Norwegian Coastal Administration also agreed to join the Task Group, I also invited Canada to join the TG)


Liaison Note re Vessel Shore Reporting (see attached)

The Committee discussed MS8 “vessel shore reporting” regarding the development of guidance for this maritime service. No international body has assumed the role of coordinating body for this MS yet. The ARM Committee would eventually like to let the coordinating body know that IALA is conducting work in this area and to request that IALA work is considered in this coordination. The Committee prepared a liaison note (ARM8-12.1.11, see attached) to the secretariat requesting that the secretariat brief the IALA attendees of the forthcoming IMO/IHO HGDM2 meeting to ensure that this item is discussed at the HGDM meeting.


Action items

The IALA Secretariat is requested to brief the attendees of the HGDM2 on vessel shore reporting in accordance with paper ARM8-12.1.11 (see attached) and ARM8- and ARM8-







From the comments received during the meeting it was concluded that IALA will proceed with the development and operation of the ship report registry but that the SRCG Secretary will need to guide IALA’s work in three more ARM Committee Meetings and participate in at least one ENAV and VTS Meeting:

  1. ARM9 in April 2019
  2. VTS47, ENAV23 and ARM10 in the Fall of 2019 (single trip)
  3. ARM11 in the Spring of 2020


Each trip will cost approximately US$3000 and may well be funded as part of the cost of development of the Ship Report Testbed (See EU Funding above). If not, it is requested that the SRCG will collect the necessary funding as before. The SRCG Secretary will also need to work with the Task Group between ARM Meetings (“Intersessionally”) to progress the work on the Ship Report Registry.



Mikhail Andrianov, suggested that we explore whether the new BALTIC SAFE project includes a deliverable that addresses ship reporting to VTS Authorities using the technology/methodology that was proposed by Jeppe Skovbakke Juhl of BIMCO for ship reporting for the EfficienSea2 project. Mikhail will contact Björn Andreasson of the Swedish Maritime Authority to explore synergies between BALTIC SAFE and the development of a Ship Report Registry Testbed.



Johan Stensaker, NAVTOR, will explore possible synergies between IALA’s work on development of the Ship Report Registry and the SESAME II Project.


Next Meeting

Tuesday January 15th at:

  • 07:00 AM PDT
  • 03:00 PM GMT
  • 04:00 PM CET
  • 06:00 PM MSK


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