Ship Reporting CG Meeting 6

Ship Reporting CG Meeting 6

January 15th, 2019


Meeting Summary



Bergmann Marine, Fred Pot, Secretary

Chartworld, Konstantin Ivanov

Fulcrum Marine, Phil Queripel

Telko, Anders Rydlinger



Summary of SRCG Meeting 5

We approved the summary of SRCG 5. Click here for a copy.



The Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) is in the process of applying for € 5.5 M EU funding for STM BALT SAFE on behalf of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia. The project will have Ship Reporting Work Packages that will include both the ship-board and the shore-based components of an automated Ship Reporting system.


Fred, Michael Bergmann and Mikhail Andrianov (Wärtsilä) have made initial contact with Björn Andreasson (Swedish Maritime Administration) to explore the possibility of developing a prototype of the Ship Report Registry as part of STM BALT SAFE.


A condition for such funding will be that the prototype be based on the Maritime Connectivity Platform (MCP). The Ship Report Registry service would be established as an (e-navigation) “Maritime Service”. The prototype would need to specified as an “e-navigation technical service” using the relevant IALA Guideline (G1128). Doing so will require expert input. It might be possible to obtain some funding for this effort from the developers of the MCP (the Smart Navigation Project). Fred will contact Michael Bergmann to get his sense of the likelihood that MCOP will evolve to become the world-wide standard for maritime connectivity and share it with SRCG Members.


The decision to pursue STM BALT SAFE funding will require a vote by SRCG Members. Please indicate your preference by responding to this message before March 5th.


IALA ARM Committee

Fred was asked to lead a (Work Group 2) Task Group (TG) that is responsible for developing a guideline on Ship Reporting from a shore-side perspective. TG Members are:

  • Jon Leon Ervik, NCA
  • Jarle Hauge, NCA
  • Minsu Jeon, IALA
  • David Lewald, USCG
  • Jens Schröder-Fürstenberg, BSH


The TG will start its work on Tuesday January 22nd with a conference call and continue to work remotely between ARM Committee Meetings. The TG will meet face to face at the ARM9 meeting 1-5 April 2019 (concurrent with the CIRM Annual Meeting) and at the ARM10 meeting 14-18 October 2019.


Fred was asked to report the TG progress at ARM Committee meetings.



Fred reported that travel to the ARM8 meeting was €2.131, leaving a balance of €1.775 in the SRCG contributions account. Participants in the call approved funding Fred’s trip to the ARM9 and ARM10 meetings. The latter will be combined with attending two other IALA Committee meetings (VTS47 and ENAV23) to apprise their participants of the impact the Automated Ship Reporting System will have on their organizations. To cover the out-of-pocket expenses associated with these trips, SRCG Members are requested to contribute €60 by April 1st, 2019 and €550 by September 1st, 2019.


If we decide to proceed with pursuing (and obtain) funding from STM BALT SAFE, then it may be possible to reduce contributions.


Next Meeting

Tuesday March 5th at:

  • 07:00 AM PST
  • 03:00 PM GMT
  • 04:00 PM CET
  • 06:00 PM MSK


Best Regards


Fred Pot


Ship Reporting CG

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