SRCG7 Meeting Minutes

Ship Reporting CG Meeting 7

March 5th, 2019


Meeting Summary



Bergmann Marine, Fred Pot, Secretary

Fulcrum Marine, Phil Queripel

NAVTOR, Johan Stensaker


Results of vote on pursuing STM BALTIC SAFE funding

If the SRCG wants to apply for funding for the development of the Ship Report Registry through the (future) EU STM BALT SAFE project then the SRCG would need to accept the Maritime Connectivity Platform (MCP) as messaging and cyber security infrastructure that will be used to establish the Ship Report Registry as an (e-navigation) Maritime Service.


This would include specifying the service using IALA’s Guideline on the Specification of e-Navigation Technical Services (G1128).


90% of SRCG Members voted to accept MCP as the messaging and cybersecurity infrastructure:

  • BM Bergmann-Marine
  • ChartWorld
  • FMS (Fulcrum Maritime Systems Limited)
  • Pole Star Space Applications Limited
  • Raytheon Anschütz GmbH
  • SIRM
  • Telko A/S
  • Wärtsilä


Next Steps

The next step will be to apply for STM BALTIC SAFE funding. To do so we will need to specify the Ship Report Registry as a “Maritime Service” using the MCP Service Specification Template.


We discussed ways to do so. Action Items:

  1. Ask Thomas Christensen, Secretary General of the MCP Consortium whether there are resources available to assist SRCG with specifying the Ship Report Registry as a MCP Service (Fred Pot).
  2. Ask Wärtsilä to consider doing this for the SRCG, since it has been involved in previous STM projects that used MCP (Fred Pot).


Fred will also reach out to Björn Andreasson of the Swedish Maritime Administration to get an update on the status of the STM BALT SAFE project.


Update on IALA’s WG2 TG progress

The Task Group had two conference calls. Fred was asked to draft an input paper for the next meeting of IALA’s ARM Committee that will be held in Saint Germain en Laye April 1-5, 2019.


TG Members provided feedback on the draft and the final was submitted to the ARM Committee on Monday March 4th (see attached).


Notable in this report is the following paragraph:

Description of a potential Standardized and Automated Ship Reporting System

The Ship Reporting Task Group has received a description of a potential Standardized and Automated Ship Reporting System that is endorsed by several potential vendors of ship-board and shore-side reporting systems. They are Members of the Ship Reporting Correspondence Group.

To contribute to the discussion, the potential system is described in Annex 1



The STM BALT SAFE Project could include a testbed for a Standardized and Automated Ship Reporting System. It would need to include not only a prototype of the Ship Report Registry but also prototypes of the ship-board and shore-based components.


Wärtsilä has indicated an interest developing a prototype for the ship-board system.


Phil Queripel will find out whether Fulcrum Maritime Systems has an interest in developing a prototype of the component that shore-based authorities and other stakeholders would use to receive, decrypt and upload to their proprietary (enforcement) systems.


Next Meeting

Tuesday April 16th at:

  • 07:00 AM PDT
  • 03:00 PM BST
  • 04:00 PM CEST
  • 05:00 PM MSK


Best Regards


Fred Pot


Ship Reporting CG

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