Summary of Initial Meeting of the Ship Reporting CG

Summary of Initial Meeting of the Ship Reporting CG

January 24, 2018 on PEARL SEAWAYS



Michael Bergmann

Richard Doherty

Bjørn Åge Hjøllo

Knut Vidar Lauritsen

Fred Pot


Dmitry Rostopshin

Anders Rydlinger

Todd Schuett

Per Setterberg



Please let me know whether I correctly captured the major issues that were discussed during our meeting.



We decided to name the group the “Ship Reporting Correspondence Group”.



We agreed that the group would strive to establish an environment that enables industry to offer effective and affordable products and services that address ship reporting needs both for bridge teams and for shore-based authorities


Planned Activities

We agreed that it would be in the interest of CG Members to encourage IALA to establish a comprehensive and publicly accessible on-line Ship Report Registry as the highest priority.


I had a chance to discuss the matter with Francis Zachariae, Secretary General, IALA during the 2018 e-Navigation Underway International Conference. He agreed that the IALA Council would be more likely to agree to add this work item to IALA’s 2018-2022 Work Program if CG Members if National and Industry IALA Members expressed an interest in adding this work item.


Action Items

  1. All: please write a message to Francis Zachariae ( to encourage IALA to set up a Ship Reporting Registry. Please copy me and your National Member.


You can refer to the Liaison Note from the ENAV21 Committee Meeting to the Policy Advisory Panel and to my presentation on this subject.


  1. Richard Doherty will propose to CIRM’s Technical Steering Committee that all CIRM Members be invited to join the CG and refer to the CG Objectives, Goals and Planned Activities


  1. Fred Pot will work with
    • BIMCO’s Jeppe Juhl to coordinate the CG’s activities with EfficienSea2’s Ship Reporting Activities.
    • Todd Schuett to coordinate the CG’s activities with SESAME STRAIT 2 planned activities for Ship Reporting.
    • SMA’s Ulf Siwe to coordinate the CG’s activities with the STM Validation Project’s activities around Ship Reporting


Next Steps

  1. Start development of CG Members’ requirements of a Ship Report Registry to assist IALA with setting it up.
  2. Continue our discussion via e-mail correspondence.